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Hi there.  I am Kyle and, along with my husband Garry, I am the founder of Curly's Legacy, and I am also the Head of Charity.

Curly's Legacy started as an idea for us to be able to give back to our community, and over the last three years has grown from a small holding in our back garden, to a large farm, working with hundreds of children, young people and adults each week.  We are also really proud to have Curly's Caravan which provides memory making holidays to those families most in need.

I haven't always been a farmer.  After having lots of jobs when I was younger, including working at Argos and Pizza Hut, I then worked within hospitals and children's homes, where I became a Registered Manager.  I am also a NVQ Assessor (L5), a qualified Baby Massage Therapist, as well as a few other things too!  

My family is made up of me, Garry, and our four awesome children, who we adopted a few years ago now.

Some of you might recognise me from the tele, as in 2016, we were incredibly fortunate to have our house rebuilt by Nick Knowles and the fabulous BBC's DIY SOS.

I am incredibly proud of all we have achieved at Curly's Legacy - but our work is not done!  This is just the beginning :-) 


My name is Zac and I started here at Curly’s Farm February 2019. I brought 4 runner ducks and left with a job. I worked two days a week, then to three, then five and now I am the Farm Manager. My animal background is Animal Care, Husbandry and Handling with a small element of Agricultural. I have been a TA at Mid Kent and Hadlow Colleges. I’ve also managed pet shops. My animal related jobs and life experiences have enabled me to work with children and adults from mental health, vulnerable, rehabilitation and special needs. 
My time on the farm is always enjoyable as you can’t really have a bad day at Curly’s Farm!
My favourite animals on the farm are Loki, our Shetland Sheep, Eric the Falcon and Sunny & Cher the amazing Emus. Although a chicken is on my t-shirt and I adore them, these animals stick out for me. 
The highlights of working at Curly’s Farm are working with the schools I have and the eclectic mix of livestock we have. 
I can see myself being part of Curly’s Farm for a very long time!


My name is Wanda and I'm a wife and mum of 2 girls. I was born in South Africa and as a result, I may think or sound funny. I love Jesus, kids, animals, flowers and grown-ups - in that order. Oh, and laughing. 


I started working on the Farm in June 2021 after Kyle helped me with my two noisy cockerels, after which Zac gave me two hens to take home. 


Everyday since then have been heavenly! I'm not even kidding.


In my opinion, every day has enough grace to make a difference to someone or something. But you have to choose - better or worse?




Hi I'm Sarah, I work here at Curly's Farm. I am so proud of the work I do here, getting to work with a veriaty of livestock is a dream but helping to change young people's lives is especially important to me. If I can be a positive role model to just one youngster, at a time in their life that they really need it, then I'm achieving something. 

Hello I’m Gill, 
I have been associated  with Curly’s farm for the past 3 years- firstly,  at what  now is known as The Homestead, bringing children down onto the island from Dartford schools for farming sessions which they and I enjoyed very much.
Then after a move to the present site, I was asked if I would like to join Kyle and the gang on the journey forward!
I retired from education after 30 years  in January of 2021 and now very much enjoy my time working at the farm.
I have three grown up children and four beautiful grandchildren ( who are growing up so fast).
I very much look forward to meeting you all on your visits to Curly’s Farm 


Hello guys, I'm Hollie and I work here at Curlys farm, I've been here for just over a year now and I'm still loving it more than ever!  I'm also Curly's Farm's FIRST apprentice doing an animal care and welfare course. I LOVE all the animals on Curly's Farm but my favourites are the alpacas because of their cheeky and curious nature. I also run the alpaca and pygmy goat walks on Curly's Farm and love meeting all the people that love them as much as I do. I'm so lucky to be able to work in such an amazing place like this...


Hello everyone, my name is Natalie and I work here at Curly's Farm.   I live at home with my partner Dave.  I have 3 children, 8 ducks, 2 turtles, 1 dog, and a pond full of fish at home but I can’t forget all of the other animals I look after at Curly's Farm!! 

My favourite animals are the ducks and geese. The ducks have so much character and the geese are just cheeky - they even join our staff meetings just for a cuddle!

I have a Higher Certificate in Animal Studies and qualifications relating to safeguarding and behaviour. I have a wide background of knowledge having previously worked with animals and people from all walks of life throughout my career….

I’ve only been at the farm since April 2021, but now I’ve found my niche I feel right at home!





My name is Helen and I am part of the Admin Team at Curly’s Farm. I’m married to Matt and I’m a mother of two girls aged 12 and 14. The farm is a wonderful place to work, it makes such a difference to many people of all ages. It’s a real joy to work somewhere so passionate about helping others.


Hey everyone! I'm Lily and I work here at Curly's Farm. I've been here for a few months now and I love it!   I love all of the animals at the Farm but my favourites are the pigs! They all have great personalities and are always making me laugh. My favourite things about Curly's Farm are the animals, the staff and the fact that I'm gaining more knowledge, confidence and experience every single day!


I've always wanted to work with animals and I previously completed my Extended Diploma in Animal Management at Hadlow College and gained other related qualifications alongside my course. I'm currently at university studying for a degree in Animal Conservation.   Working with animals has helped me gain so much confidence over the years and working at Curly's Farm supporting the young people that visit us means that I get to help and watch others grow through their love of animals too, which is the best feeling!   When I'm not at the farm you can find me volunteering at my friends bird of prey business, exploring new places with my camera in hand or spending time with my miniature schnauzer, Bella.