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Sponsor an Animal

Sponsor an Animal at Curly's Farm

Help Keep Curly's Farm Thriving!


Would you like to help support Curly's Farm?

Would you like to own a pig, but you really, really can't???

Would you like to own a cow, but have no garden???

Would you like to have a few ducks at home, but your bath just isn't big enough???


Now is your chance to sponsor your very own animal, and let Curly's Farm do the hard work for you!


For a one-off donation to Curly's Farm, you can help us to look after your sponsored animal.


£10 will allow you to sponsor a guinea pig, duck or chicken.

£15 will allow you to sponsor a sheep.

£20 will allow you to sponsor a pig.

£30 will allow you to sponsor a goat.

£40 will allow you to sponsor an alpaca.

£50 will allow you to sponsor a cow.


What will you receive for your one-off sponsorship?


A car sticker, telling the world that you are an awesome person and that you sponsor an animal at Curly's Farm.

A postcard for you to send to a friend.

An electronic certificate, which can be printed, to acknowledge your sponsorship and thank you for your support.

An invitation for you and a friend to visit Curly's Farm for one of two Sponsorship Days throughout the year (by invite only).


So how do you sponsor an animal?


Fill in the simple form below, and we'll be in touch.



Sponsor an animal at Curly's Farm

Click the link below to download a registration form which can be printed, filled in and emailed to

Sponsor an Animal Request Form

To sponsor an animal on Curly's Farm, please fill in the registration form (above), outlining your preferred animal as well as your contact email. Please add your mobile number to the form as well, in order for us to call you with more details. Please use the form below for any further information you require. Thank you for your support.