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We would like to thank Kay and her whole team at TESCO Sheerness for their immense generosity over the last two years.  TESCO Sheerness is a real community-focused store, and have provided our charity with lots of support over the last two years:


  1. When Curly's Farm was being built, a TESCO van turned up with donuts, other treats and 100s of bottles of water for the volunteers - this was hugely appreciated.
  2. When we set up Curly's Caravan, TESCO Sheerness kitted out the whole caravan with everything you could possibly need - from crockery, cutlery, glassware, microwave etc., to bedding and towels.  This saved us £100s of pounds as a charity.  Thank you!
  3. TESCO provides each family that goes in to Curly's Caravan for a memory-making holiday, with a food hamper, full of essentials and goodies to make their stay even more memorable.  This is a great addition for Curly's Caravan, and is much appreciated.
  4. EVERY WEEK, TESCO gives Curly's Farm a box of bananas, in order to provide a healthy snack to the children that attend Curly's Farm.  Those bananas really do keep everyone going!  THANK YOU!